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Veterans Park, Milwaukee, WI

LIVE from Veterans Park! The New and Improved Gift of Wings Kite and Marina cam...now with "Power Zoom"!
It's Kite time in Milwaukee.

   Veterans Park
   1300 N Lincoln Memorial Dr
   Milwaukee, WI 53202 map

Join the Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois Today! The membership fees are only $10.00 per year! For more information on the KSW, contact Jeff Kataoka at 414.277.9121! PS The Kite Society of Wisconsin has a new addition to its name , The Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois. Watch us grow!

Meet Our Performers
All of the kite flyers taking part in the Tour de Kites kite festivals are world class. Several have traveled far and wide to fly their kites, exhibit their kites, demonstrate their kites, and teach everyone about kite flying. Most have won awards in the kiting flying world and the Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois and Gift of Wings are honored to have them as friends and perform at our Festivals. Thank You all! Now check out their videos to the right. *Please note: not all of our performers are at all of our events at the same time.

Chicago Fire Kite Team
Chicago, IL
The Chicago Fire Kite Team is celebrating its 32nd year. The team has been competing and demonstrating team sport kite ballet and precision since 1986. The Chicago Fire is the longest-running competitive sport kite team in the United States. Team Members include Eric, Russ, Dan, Kathy, Josh, & Zach!
Chicago Fire in their own wordsListen to Audio
Frank Mots
Milwaukee, WI
Frank Mots was Milwaukee's King of kites. During Frank Mots’ lifetime, he had a tremendous influence on kite flying in the City of Milwaukee. Many people remember this “Kite Man” down at the old gun club, who made and flew strange looking kites. Frank is looking down on the Kite Society with a big smile!
Frank in his own words Listen to Audio
Joshua Gordon
Oak Lawn, IL
Josh has been flying dual line sport kites since he was 7. He has been competing at the local and National level since he was 12. In 2002, Josh was invited to fly on the Chicago Fire Kite Team. Josh also flies on the pair team, Eos, with his brother Zach. He enjoys kiting greatly, for the competition and for the sheer pleasure of the sport.
Josh in his own words Listen to Audio
Zachary Gordon
Oak Lawn, IL
Zachary flies both dual and quad line kites. He flew his first kite at 6 and began competing when he was 8. Zach competes locally and nationally, as an individual and with his brother Josh as the pair "Eos", with Eric Wolff as the pair “Something Old, Something New” and as a member of the Chicago Fire Kite Team. Zach is the 2008 National Quad Line Champion. He really likes the creativity that kiting offers and enjoys being a part of the family of kiting.
Zach in his own words Listen to Audio
Team Pegasus..John & Elaine Cosby
Puerto Rico
Pegasus are the 2004 Midwest Conference Masters Pairs Champions and have been featured performers at festivals and competitions throughout the Midwest, including Kites on Ice, the Milwaukee Family Festival, the Kenosha Outta Sight Flight, Mots Festival. They also started the Michigan Kite Festival.
John Cosby in his own words Listen to Audio
Mike Delfar
Franklin, WI
As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, Mike splits his between kite-skiing on the frozen lake, flying ultra-light kites indoors, or flying with Dan Newman as the pair team O2, 2008 National Champs. Mike is also the designer of the many colorful Windmills seen displayed on the Tour 'De Kites.
Mike in his own words Listen to Audio
Yves LaForest
Montreal, QE Canada
Because of the shapes and the colors in the sky, kites have always attracted people's attention. It's also what attracted me when my father gave me my first kite at the age of 6. In early 80's I met a group of kiteflyers who were playing with stunt kites. They gave me the opportunity to try one. "My preferences? Big kites! My favorite kite? The Octopus."
Yves in his own words Listen to Audio
Jean Lemire
Montreal, QE Canada
Now this guy knows how to fly!!!Jean has been flying kites at the Family Kite Festival and at the Mots Kite Festival for many years. He is also a frequent guest flyer in France. His specialty is flying multiple stunt kites at the same time. Let's see, 3 kites, 6 lines, 2 hands, and 1 hot tub!. WOW!
Jean in his own words Listen to Audio
Dan Newman
Racine, WI
Dan's specialty is flying his two line sport kites as well as a beautiful rainbow stack of kites. He has flown at local and national competitions and can often be found in Kennedy Park on Kenosha's lakefront doing some practicing. Dan and Mike Delfar are part of the 2008 National champion pair team O2.
Dan in his own words Listen to Audio
Paul Koepke
Milwaukee, WI
Paul has been flying sport kites for nearly 20 years. He has competed nationally and also flys in the pairs team known as Fire & Ice. We think he is ICE. Paul hails from Minneapolis where he was the President of the Minnesota Kite Society.
Paul in his own words Listen to Audio
Ann Vondriska Brinnehl
Oak Lawn, IL
Ann Vondriska Brinnehl is one of the organizers of the Tour de Kites. Her voice along with Scott Fisher and occasionally John Cosby is heard throughout the park. A big giant thank you to Ann for her assistance.
Ann in her own words Listen to Audio
Scott Fisher
Milwaukee, WI
Scott Fisher is the producer of the Tour de Kites. Scott owns the Gift of Wings kite store in Veterans Park and works with all of the performers to make it happen. "I can't believe that I do this for a living. It's so much fun. Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Yeap, this is why I went to college!!"
Scott in his own words Listen to Audio
The Windjammers
Detroit, MI
The Windjammers Int'l Kite Team began with the simple love of kite flying in the early 80's. They are one of the longest running kite teams in the world. Welcome Gary, James, George, Mike, Nate, and Jean
Charlie Sotich
Chicago, IL
Charlie Sotich from Chicago is internationally famous for his small kites. Some of Charlies kites measure fractions of an inch. Postage stamps are usually bigger. His entire kite collection usually fits into a cigar box. Thanks Charlie for your support...RIP friend!
Charlie in his own words Listen to Audio
Donna Schenk
Madison, WI
Master Kitemaker! Member and organizer for the Kite Society of WI & IL. Contrasting colors enhance this simple delta derivative with “swallow tails.” Donna takes you from “cutting to completion,” showing new tools and techniques for conquering curved seams.
Donna in her own words Listen to Audio
Brett Williams AKA the Kite Whispererer
Need a lesson in a Revolution four line kite, or a two line stunt kite? Brett's your guy. He will take you from zero to master kite flyer within a few short hours. Brett can be seen at Veterans Park on most weekends flying his kites, and giving lessons. Oh, and ladies, Brett is looking for a date !!
Brett in his own words Listen to Audio
Jim Cosca
Washington, DC
"Start Spreading the news...New York..New York.." Jim practically owns SKYDOG kites. His voice can be heard at SKYDOG and he is the number one salesperson on the SKYDOG team. Jim can most often be seen giving lessons with SKYDOG products all over the country. He also is an avid Flight Sim pilot, and is not looking for a date.
Jim in his own words Listen to Audio
Milwaukee, WI
Formed in January 2001, Team Too Much Fun is the premier Sport Kite Display Team on the West Coast. Made up of two former World Champions and a former US National Champion, their pedigree is hard to beat and with their tight choreography, foot tapping music and selection of routines, they are certainly a crowd pleaser!
Mr Kite..aka Craig Christenson
Minneapolis, MN
Mr. Kite has been fascinated with anything that flies since the day his father took him for his first airplane ride at the ripe ole age of 3 weeks old. He has been a major player on the kite flying scene for over 20 years. He rubbed shoulders with the biggest and best kites and kite flyers. He now has over 1000 kites from 1 inch to the giant 450 foot "Mr Dragon" kite that he made one foot at a time.
Listen to Audio
Rhonda Bego
Milwaukee, WI
Rhonda Begos keeps a full schedule, typically performing several times a week, but Summerfest is her true busy season. The singer has secured more and more bookings at Milwaukee's signature music festival, and this year will be her most active yet. Rhonda has been singing the National Anthem at all of our Kite Festival since 2000. Thanks Rhonda..Isn't she great?
John Barresi and
Team IQUAD (Past Performers)
Made up of fliers from the United States and Canada, iQuad was primarily composed of regular “core” fliers but also incorporated other able fliers into mega flies.
Listen to Audio
Fire & Ice Paul Koepke and Kathy Brinnehl
Milwaukee & Chicago
Paul Koepke and Kathy Brinnehl are the pair team Fire & Ice. They participate in festivals as well as competitions, locally and nationally, and their dedication to the sport is visible in all they do. We think Kathy is Fire and Paul is ICE, but no one knows for sure. What we do know is that they are unbelievable kite flyers and great friends!
Kathy and Paul in his their words Listen to Audio
Craig Wilson
Madison, WI
Craig Wilson is the father of kite aerial photography. He takes some of the finest kite aerial photos in the world. He is also the founder of the former kite festival called Kites on Ice. Check out his new kite photography book, "Hanging by a Thread".
Jos & Kaatje Valcke
Jos and Kaatje Valcke from Belgium. Master builders of large custom kites. Jos and Kaatje have been building kites for over 20 years. Different kites and different ideas. His visits around the world include The UK, South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Portugal,Spain, France, Switzerland, and now in the United States for the second time and in Milwaukee for the first time...WELCOME.
The Blues Brothers

Spencer (Elwood) Schubbe & Steve (Jake) Rothwell have been flying together as The Blues Brothers, a kite demonstration team, since 2003 disguised by day as mild mannered IT Professionals at "Major Universities in South East Michigan". In addition to the competitive kite circuit the Blues Brothers perform at many kite festivals and outdoor events throughout the Midwest.
Coming Soon
Kalamazoo, MI
Coming Soon
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