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Veterans Park, Milwaukee, WI

LIVE from Veterans Park! The New and Improved Gift of Wings Kite and Marina cam...now with "Power Zoom"!
It's Kite Time in Milwaukee.

   Veterans Park
   1300 N Lincoln Memorial Dr
   Milwaukee, WI 53202 map

Join the Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois Today! The membership fees are only $10.00 per year! For more information on the KSW, contact Jeff Kataoka at 414.277.9121! PS The Kite Society of Wisconsin has a new addition to its name , The Kite Society of Wisconsin and Illinois. Watch us grow!

Schedule of Events

9:00-11:00—Reveille, Set-up, enter the GALLERY OF KITES
11:00-6:00 - The GIANT kites of Yves Laforest, Flown by Gilles and Don , Candy Drop
11:00-6:00 - Brett Williams— learn to fly a Revolution, kite school
11:00-6:00 – Brett Williams Learn to fly a Premier Kites, sport kite school
11:45-12:00 - Parade of Kiters
12:00 NOON - The Grand Launch of 500 kites
12:15-12:50 - Professional Sport Kite Performances
12:50–1:10 — Team FOR_CE..Professional Quad line team
1:10-1:20 - Professional Sport Kite Performances
1:20-1:40 - Chicago Fire Kite Team
1:40-2:00 - Professional Sport Kite Performances
2:00 - Kids Mad Dash of 100 kites..WOW..Look out!
2:15 - 2:40 - Professional Sport Kite Performances
2:40 - 3:00 - Chicago Fire Kite Team
3:00 - 3:30 - Team FOR-CE..Professional Quad line team
3:30 - Candy Drop
3:40 - 4:00 - Professional Sport Kite Performances
4:00 - Candy Drop (wind permitting)
4:20 — 4:50 - Fire & Ice..Professional Quad line team
4:50 - 5:30 Chicago Fire Kite Team
6:10 – Professional Sport Kite Performances & awards, end of show...Ends 6:00 on Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday
Our Performers Include
Chicago Fire Kite Team..Celebrating 32 years! – Masters Class Precision Kite Flying Team – Eric Wolff, Russ Faulk, Dan Brinnehl, Kathy Brinnehl & Joshua & Zachary Gordon
The Blues Brothers..Spencer Schubbe and Steve Rotherwell
Eos – Masters Class Dual Line Solo – Joshua Gordon
Fire & Ice – Experienced Class Dual Line Pair – Kathy Brinnehl & Paul Koepke
O2 – Masters Class solo routine – Mike Delfar
Pegasus – Chicago Fire Kite Team (Not Performing in 2011)
Frie and Ice – Masters Class Quad Line Pair – Kathy Brinnehl and Paul Koepke
Mrs. Kite Lady – Jeanne Herrera
Mike Delfar – Masters Class Dual Line Sport Kite Flyer
Joshua Gordon – Masters Class Dual Line Sport Kite Flyer
Zachary Gordon – Masters Class Quad Line Kite Flyer
Paul Koepke – Experienced Class Dual Line Sport Kite Flyer
Dan Newman – Experienced Class Dual Line Sport Kite Flyer
Brett Williams – Quad Line Kite Performer
Brett Williams-The Kite Whisperer, Quad Kite Performances, Lessons
Bryan Fennig-Mr Music Man Rick Nelson
Jim Cosca-Premier Kites & Lessons
Ann Vondriska -Voice of the Kite Festival
Scott Fisher-Organizer and Voice of the Kite Festival...Performances subject to Change without notice!
Milwaukee County Parks-Thanks for allowing us to use Veterans Park

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