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The Big Picture!

Blimpworks debuts plug-n-play video broadcast systems from RC Airships!

Several NBA team blimps are pulling double duty, not only entertaining fans, but now providing live-action video. The new “Blimp Cam” remote control video camera system enables broadcast quality pictures direct from a 15’ or larger RC blimp or airship. With 89% coverage in most arenas, the system can be integrated with jumbo monitors or live feed video, turning an RC Blimp or airship into a complete marketing and entertainment tool.

  • The Blimpworks remote video camera system is designed specifically for installation on Blimpworks indoor and outdoor airships. The system includes a remotely controlled and lightweight tilt platform that is retrofitted on the blimp gondola and is easily removed for “cameraless” blimp flying. The sony XC-777 camera provides 470 (NTSC) lines of resolution and feeds wireless low wattage microwave down link requiring no FCC license to operate. The system is provided by our partners at Airworks.
  • One day on sight installation, setup and operator training is required and is included in the above cost. The customer must accommodate the trainer’s expenses such as; airfare, hotel, food, etc. Two to three weeks lead time is required. If airfare is required, tickets must be available to the trainer one week in advance of installation date.
  • Available for Models AF-15, AB-19, AB-23, AB-30, and some custom shapes. Operational altitdue (above sea level) of the blimp and amount of painting on blimp envelope may affect the ability of the blimp to lift the additional weight of the camera system.


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