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BLIMPWORKS and GIFT OF WINGS, manufactures, sells, and leases indoor and outdoor radio controlled Blimps, Airships, and Col Air Inflatables. In conjunction with our partners, Aerostar International and Airworks Enterprises, Blimpworks Airships are known throughout the world for making only the highest quality Airships. Blimpworks RC Blimps are made of a high quality 3 ply 3.5 oz. tear resistant rip-stop nylon material. Our Blimps are used safely by sports teams, stadiums, arena, auditoriums, convention centers, colleges, high schools, malls, and trade shows world wide. Most teams in the NBA, NHL, AFL, and some NFL and MLB teams use our Blimps. All of our Blimps are battery powered, except the AB-32, Gas Powered Outdoor Blimp.

The next time you walk into you local sports arena you will probably see a Blimpworks Blimp flying overhead. You may even be lucky enough to catch one of the many free coupons falling from the Blimp to the awaiting crowd below.


For more information please contact us at 414-425-9993 or 414-305-3145!

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We also lease some of our blimps for short term events!

Special Note: Flight Brothers, the former sales partner of Aerostar and Airworks has been replaced with Blimpworks. Flight Brothers is no longer in business! Blimpworks will handle all of your blimp sales, repairs and questions.


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